Graphic Design

Embark Veterinary

Embark Veterinary is a canine DNA test with the mission of ending preventable disease in dogs. As an employee on the marketing team I leveraged design on multiple digital and print channels – including paid social for Facebook and Instagram, direct marketing mail, video for commercial and youtube, and print ads in canine publications such as Canine Chronicle and Showsight Magazine.

Sailor's Stash

Overseas trade was one of the most dangerous jobs, but when the goods came in you knew the best of the batch always went straight to the captain and his crew. Sailor's Stash is a luxury brand of imported dark chocolate made with 66% pure cacao and rare flavors from every corner of the seven seas. Each label is illustrated with a legendary sea monster.

Blake Paskal - Branding

Created branding for independent photographer, sculptor, and installation artist Blake Paskal. For this, we used high quality photographs of his work and materials and collaged them together to create stationary as unique and abstract as his work.

What a Carve Up!

This novel is about a reclusive writer who emerges from a depression-induced hiatus to the dystopian and Kafkaesque world of 1980s Britain. As he works on a biography of the affluent Winshaw family, he uncovers more and more of the Winshaw's heinous crimes. This cover is made entirely with cut paper arranged into a diorama, with imagery symbolic of the corruption within the family, as well as Thatcher era Britain.


Some people want to hold spooky celebrations all year round, not just on Halloween. Fortunately for those with a funny bone, Skelebrations has a line of humorous and morbid greeting cards just for you! To spook up any occassion, Skelebrations has an expanded product line that includes party supplies, decorations, and apparel.

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