Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot To Tell You

For these book illustrationns, I aided in telling important - yet rarely given - advice on everything from relationships, motherhood, meditation, and more using illustration and a full wrap cover design. Conceptually we started with a pop art and 50s aesthetic for the illustration, then expanded into comic books to further a message of female empowerment.

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This series of digital paintings conceptualizes a fantasy world where seasons are not dictated by a change in temperature, but the movement of the stars and planets. Each illustration represents the progress of a young heroine going on a journey that takes her to fantastic locations, from the deepest of catacombs to the highest of peaks.

Children's Literature Conference

The Children's Literature Conference is held each year at Kutztown University to celebrate authors and illustrators of children's literature from across genres. This poster was made to demonstrate the fantastic worlds imagined by those who have a love for books and writing them. This illustration represents a fantastic journey motivated and facilitated by books.

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