Rohrbach Library of Kutztown University

The Rohrbach Library is Kutztown's primary source of educational resources for both students and academic professionals alike, and one that needed a major overhaul to keep it organized and accessible. So, with the consulting of the Library staff I worked from scratch: creating wireframes, adapting final mockups, running the design through user testing, and finally adapting the design to Bootstrap 3 and LibGuides CMS.

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Embark Veterinary

Embark Veterinary is a canine DNA test with extensive digital tools to help customers explore their dog's DNA story. In conjunction with the engineering and development team I worked on pages both in the pre and post-purchase web experience, using UX insights to drive purchases and encourage return visitors.


Winner of App-it-Up 2016, this proposed application would help track and monitor physical therapy of patients while empowering them to take their wellness into their own hands. By syncing to a brace peripheral, the app is able to track and monitor the patient's range of movement and show the data on both the patient and doctor side. Additionally, Doctors can monitor these patterns and interfere if there is a pattern of pain or overexertion that can help greatly reduce re-injury and re-admission.

Excellis CUE

CUE, by Excellis Interactive, is a software expansion onto SAP Hybris to expand usability, enhance UI, and add a variety of new features to make e-commerce easier. This promotional site is meant to highlight how the software expands upon Hybris through slick design and a clean aesthetic mirroring CUE's own decluttering of the Hybris UI.

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